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Most posts are my own :3
Drawing lydia again
Feeling pretty good today making curry with gramps and sitting in the sun
So 80’s parent wedding snap from my granddad house
Doing things
My hip to waist ratio is so wack. Honestly this skirt is meant to lay flat not stick out as if I’m wearing a hoop underneath. Like this is a small and fits perfect round the waist but nearly ripped when I had to inch it up bit by but over my fat bum!
Brig boring and testing outfits for Wednesday😁
Pie breakfast
Lemon coconut and white chocolate vegan tart
Fruit fruit and more fruit
Mine and connors breakfast from this morning!
So much fooooooood + like 18 potatos😂😂
Cakes cooked! Mmmmmhmmmm
Lemon curd party