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Mine and connors breakfast from this morning!
So much fooooooood + like 18 potatosπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Cakes cooked! Mmmmmhmmmm
Lemon curd party
I did 10km last night and I felt so good to be motivated and trying to get back into a routine honestly I was so shocked at how easy It was and how much energy I had and just wanted to push on even further once I had finished but I ended up going out very later and not getting back till half 11ish! Whoops! I’m either going to go again tonight or for a 2 hour swim sesh. People be prepared for progress photos in the next coming weeks πŸ‘ŒβœŒοΈ

Ps my super fruity breakfast before my hospital appointment this morning which went stupidly well and am now waiting for A Referral from the cosmetic surgeon and cosmetic consultant and things  be on there way! I’m so excited that things seem to be going to plan concerning my surgery and keeping my fingers crossed that they will continue to go smoothly! Not only that but I’m so excited at the prospect of being able to breathe again. πŸ™πŸ˜
Being a fatty tonight but going to run 15km in an hour or so! Determined to look good and feel incredible by Christmas and I’m stoll feeling guilty about bog going and exercising last week I know I won’t see any improvment tomorrow when I measure up but I how that next week I will see results πŸ˜…πŸ™l
Burritos 4 1
Just realised how much being sickly this week has effected my body not going and exercising for like 5 days and eating as much as I do has made me feel rotten so tomorrow I’m getting back on it in really hard Way! Even tho I haven’t put anything on in inches or lbs I don’t feel energised and I definitely haven’t lost  which means tomorrow is going to be a better day going to work early and in the eve in going to smash 15km HI walk :) can’t wait! I already have all my work outs planned so I don’t have excuses to eat then get straight into bed after work!
Oh baby πŸ‘Œ
Ingredients for something great
Plus super fruity breakfast because I’ve missed not having fresh fruit in the houses mango chia  is love!
Broadstairs this morning on my grocery shop.
Kewpie baby doll!